Solomon Islands Specialist

Become a Solomons Specialist Travel Agent

We have a Specialist Program called – ‘Hapi Isles Specialist Program.’ The Solomon Islands online training portal comprises of a series of modules designed to help the retail trade learn more about this exciting and emerging destination.

We understand that time is precious in our industry which is why we have designed each module to be short and precise allowing travel agents training at any time that suits them, as well as enabling the system to work well on mobile platforms for those long train rides home.

Each module tackles a specific theme that could be suited around attractions within the destination, culture or even focusing on specific provinces themselves. A brief introduction along with the key selling points is followed by a small series of questions to help you better absorb what you have just read. In addition to the modules, you will also find this portal provides you with the latest downloadable information including PDFs of travel brochures as well as updated videos to inspire you from paradise.

We will continue to add modules over time, and will often also run regular competitions. We look forward to welcoming you as a Solomon Islands specialist travel agent.