Our Brand

The Identity that Defines Us

Though it is found in every single tourism / SIVB brand iteration to-date, the words ‘Solomon Islands’ have only ever shared their role in the brand with a slogan or a tag line.

We have changed that… permanently.  “Solomon Islands“ is now the brand.

There is no slogan, there is no tag line. It will remain the one truly constant factor no matter how the destination matures and marketing emphasis evolves.

We have abbreviated the word ‘Islands’.  ‘Is.’ then becomes a simple statement that plays off an intentional double meaning. Does it mean ‘islands’ or ‘is’ or both? It is obviously both.

Everyone is forced to look twice, and see “Is. Adventure”… “Is. Diving”…

“Is. Romance”… or whatever else they may experience on their Solomon Islands’ adventure.

‘Is.’ Brings flexibility with an unlimited life cycle. It is an eponymous strategy that continuously collaborates with the evolution of our destination and that provides simple, high impact and easy to implement messaging that covers every conceivable Solomon Island tourism experience.  Ultimately, Solomon Is. Us,  Solomon Is. You.

Brand Structure

Branding: Solomon Is.

Brand Value: Raw South Pacific

Core Values

  • Extremely Friendly
  • Tremendous Natural Beauty
  • Multicultural
  • Highly Diverse Activities
  • Less Commercial
  • Eco Epic
  • Raw with Traditional Lifestyles