Tourism Solomons: Our Updated Logo

A “seismic shift” – new look ‘Solomon Is.’ branding catalyst for Solomon Islands’ tourism future
July 5, 2018
Solomon Islands stages inaugural ‘Mi Save Solo’ tourism exchange
July 5, 2018

The dugout canoe is an institution of highest value in the Solomon Islands.

Even today, our daily economics continue to rely on it for fishing, commuting and transporting local barter and trade. For so many of us, this is how we put food on our tables.

Tourism Solomons has evolved its logo to better represent times gone by and times ahead.  We have selected our precious canoe as the most representative element of the Solomon Islands experience. It’s everywhere, it’s essential and its value is immeasurable.

The Canoe unifies everyone. We all ascend with it and it’s in our hands to ensure that it rises and progresses forward together… and yes we can also sink it. Everyone is one in the Ocean.  We are ONE nation.  We are ONE people.

The Symbolism

A local Solomon Islander who is paddling a dugout canoe accentuates the water and our main economic mechanism for the country. We are moving forward into the future under the reddish setting of the Solomon sun. The colours are muted and represent the natural earth tones and shadows they come from.